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Welcome to the Tri County Fastpitch League

The Tri County Fastpitch League was established in 1972 to promote fastpitch softball for girls in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan area and now part of Western Wisconsin.  The league acts as a clearinghouse for interested communities, and limits it's self to the scheduling of league games between member associations, determines State tournament advancing and corresponding player eligibility standards.

Tom's Email Address (yes this is new as of 8/9/17!)

If you are trying to get a hold of Tom Bye email him at


Team Registrations for 2017 are LIVE

Coaches: 4 steps in getting started for the Season (In this order)

1.  Register your team prior to April 1st on the Tri County Site (TAB 1 below) so team pages can be created and schedules can be worked on.  All team pages will be built by April 15th.  Starting with 8U and finishing with 18U. Need help registering?  Click here for directions.
2. ACE & BG Checks Follow the steps for ACE Certification (TAB 2 below) and Background Checks.  Prior to league play.  For both services the fee is $25.00 for year one, $20.00 year two and on. If you only need a background check the fee is $10.00.  This must be completed to coach in MN.  See xcel spread sheet for multiple coaches.  You will need this information to create your roster. Please have your ACE number available when you create your roster, you will need to enter it.
3. (Rosters/Insurance) Individually register your players on the NEW JO Softball site (TAB 3 below) to receive rosters and insurance.  Prior to league play.  One generic roster will be produced that will be used for league, weekend invitational tournaments, qualifiers and State.  This will cover USA & NAFA rosters.  **This IS your official roster**
4.(Concussion Awareness) Make sure you've taken the concussion awareness on-line course and print off certificate for your coaches book and upload a copy to the score monster site when creating roster. (TAB 4 below) 

If you have an existing NGIN account you will see this.....

If you see this text box appear when you log in it means you are NOT a registered user of NGIN on this site.  You must click on this box to become a member.
Remember, you only need ONE NGIN account across ANY sport.  However, with each sport OR web site you must be a member of that site.  If you don't become a member and just log in it will APPEAR as if you are logged in but you are NOT.


Coaches read all the information (on the teams tab- getting started section) to create your NGIN user account.  Once you login look for the Edit mode/User mode switch and then edit your team page. (you will not see this switch until you log in AND are at YOUR team page)

IF you entered your team online this should not be an issue this year.

Softball News

Student Sports Softball

By Tom Bye 02/20/2014, 7:00am CST

Are you looking for college exposure at the National Level? Take a look here......

Student Sport Softball Click Here

*Look for this Summer ASA/USA Softball JO National Player of the Week award.  Become familiar with the site and make your submissions! 

Pitch Hit and Run

By Tom Bye 02/13/2014, 2:00pm CST

Sign up your association to run a FREE event. First Round done in April. Click Here

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Concussion Awareness

By Tom Bye 08/27/2011, 6:27am CDT

Did you know that in August 2011 it became a State Law to be trained in concussion awareness? Find out more.....

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Fun Facts

By Tom Bye 03/30/2011, 9:23am CDT

Did you know?.............................................

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The program books were huge success in 2014. 35 program books were made and 16,000 copies were printed.....

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