This Roster form allows you to individual register your players and obtain insurance (select one of two options below) and is required to play in Tri County, invitational tournaments, qualifiers, State and National tournaments for all USA Softball and NAFA events.

There are two options here.  Please check with your association before you proceed to see which option you are doing.  Please read 2017 step by step directions so you have all the information you need to complete the roster.

By choosing either insurance option this is how you will obtain your official NAFA and USA Softball Roster.  Either option is fine.  We do not dictate the carrier but we do have minimum requirements and all teams have to have insurance.

1.  This is how your team will obtain insurance for the calendar year January 1-December 31st.  NOW one fee for all levels, for 2017 the fee is only $10.00 per player and coach.

2.  If you have insurance through your association please mail your insurance certificate to:
Minnesota Softball
877 Meander Court
Medina, MN 55340

Existing Insurance

Directors,  If you have existing insurance please refer to the Insurance Requirements.  If so,  please mail.  

Mail to:
Minnesota Softball
877 Meander Court
Medina, MN 55340

Coaches/Directors Register Your Individual Players Here

This is your official ROSTER!

**Go to site and click on "Team Manager" upper right of site to get started**



Please read " Roster Instructions" before filling in your roster.  Here is the process to creating your roster.
1. Go to
2. Upper right of site click on "Team Manager"
3. Create an account
4. Follow steps in creating your roster and submit for approval.
5. Once approved by Minnesota Softball go back to "Team Manager" and click on your team.
6. You now have 3 options.  Move your cursor over the light blue icon and it will say "down load roster".  Click on it.
7. Print off your roster and have your parents sign it.
8. Make multiple copies.  You will need this for each tournament you play in.

**Currently rosters are in word format.  If you don't have word please email or  Ask for a pdf and we will send it back to you.